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Sooo… Comic Con.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the pictures by now. There’s like a million more on my Facebook but I gotta save some for my Front column, sooo… yeah. This year was my first San Diego Comic Con, I’d never been before and had heard big things so when G4 booked me to work at it I was super psyched like some big-brained Freudian bird monster. Hmm… that’s a good cosplay idea for next year.

I stayed in LA for a few days beforehand to go to fittings for my costumes and chill out a bit and get my sleeping pattern in check. I went to the Tim Burton exhibition at LACMA which was totally amazing. I’ve grown up with his films since I was tiny small so it was SO COOL seeing all his sketches and drawings, of which there are many. I remembered the first time I saw Edward Scissorhands at the cinema, when I was around 9 years old, and how the film inspired me to become ‘an inventor’ when I was older. I think I made a few paper mache sculptures and gave up a few months later, but hey ho.

On the Wednesday I drove up to San Diego with Alison Haislip, who regaled me with tales of blueberry steak and hanging out with Adam Levine before we both sat and bitched about douche bag ex-boyfriends. Once there I was straight out on the floor filming some segments before heading home for an early night ahead of my 7am call time the next day.

First up, the cosplay costumes I got to wear were AWESOME. My favourite was the Phoenix one as it was super comfortable and has a lot of personal meaning to me. I have a few of the Bishoujo Phoenix figures at home and it was good to be walking round the floor looking exactly like one of them. Not many people got what my other cosplay was as it was pretty obscure and based on a Junko Mizuno drawing. It was made by my friend Florence at House of Harlot, the same person who made my Bizarre magazine nurse outfit. We are both big fans of Mizuno so she was super excited to make my costume. One of my comic con highlights was getting to meet Mizuno dressed as one of her characters and having a picture taken, that was so cool. She even signed inside my little milkmaid hat. Here is the picture the outfit was based on:

She was so sweet and even signed a picture for me to take back to Florence. In hindsight I wish I could have seen a bit more of the floor - I really wanted to get a signed Axecop poster but either couldn’t find the time or it was too busy. The only things I bought from the show were a signed Junko Mizuno picture and a Pulip Dal. I wanted to get a Monster High doll but forgot. I just knew if I started spending I wouldn’t stop and I wanted to try and hold back. Maybe next year I’ll get more stuff…

One of the best things about Comic Con though was finally getting to meet and hang out with Radeo. Fans of my Tumblr will have seen the mutual appreciation developing over the years, in fact, I was a fan of hers even in ancient Myspace days. I remember having a picture of her in my ‘Who I’d Like To Meet’, which sounds so lame saying it out loud. ANYWAY, we’d been Facebook friends for a while and when I heard she was going to be at Comic Con I was super excited, then super nervous that she might think I was boring or some shit. But we hung out and it was so epic that even Andrew WK couldn’t party as hard as us. We invented a game called ‘Photo Dare’ that involved us accosting strange girls on the toilet and asking them to let us pose with them while they peed. Totally the best game ever! We party bombed the hell out of San Diego!! So yeah it was so good to meet her and find out that she was so pretty and nice, and bags full of awesome. I love it when that happens.

It was also really nice getting to know the other G4 presenters. Usually when I work in the States it’s just a flying visit so I never really have time to get to know anyone, but this time was a real bonding experience. I got to know girl Blair and Sara Underwood a whole lot better, which was really cool as they are such cool and down-to-earth girls. In fact, the whole G4 crew are pretty amazing to work for as everyone is so nice, which really helps you to keep your energy up on big shows like Comic Con.

Interview-wise I got to talk to some pretty cool people. I met Jon Heder (aka Napoleon Dynamite), ‘Pedro’ (who is also in one of my fave movies ever ‘Crank’), Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead), Tom Hardy (swoon), Penn and Teller, and I told Sara Paxton that she ‘looked like an angel’ in possibly one of my creepiest interviews ever. I don’t know if they kept that. It was pretty funny. 

So yeah, I’m kind of on a comic con comedown now, I honestly haven’t had that much fun in years and I really hope you enjoyed my coverage of the show as much as I enjoyed making it. I had a blast.

Sim xx

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